Feel free to contact us, as we are always happy to help. Please send emails to:  Gbar Support.

Some areas are no longer under Gbar support:

  • Wireless internet access
  • Student email

For these please contact AIT

Things we CANNOT handle

We cannot assist in problems with Windows Databar (Winbar). For help with Winbar, contact Winbar support. Also contact Winbar support if you have problems logging in to the Windows machines (often caused by quota issues).

We are not in charge of providing codes to Microsoft software downloaded through CampusNet. Please also address those questions to Winbar support.

Contact Us

Before emailing us, have you searched the webpages for an answer? Many common questions can be answered by reviewing our webpages. A great place to start is the FAQ page. If your question is still unanswered or your problem still unsolved, we are here to help.

We encourage you to email us at gbarsupport. Follow these tips when emailing us to help us respond as quickly as possible:

  1. Use your official DTU email address or state your login name. In many cases, this information is necessary for us to help. As always, please do NOT write your password in any email to us or anyone else.
  2. Write your question or comment in English or Danish.
  3. Please supply all relevant information, including: OS version, Software version(s), error message(s), and/or screenshots.

Keep in mind: precise questions = quick answers!


01 2017
Please note that the IT support office has been moved to the DTU library. Latex support remains in 308.
12 2015
Want to take advantage of the new GitLab service, or perhaps move your existing repos project over? Check out
04 2015
ShareLaTex We now offer ShareLatex, an online mulituser system for making LaTex documents. Check out and