Student IT support moved to the DTU Library. Latex support remains in 125D/308

As of 3rd March 2017, Student email (setup and support) has moved to DTU AIT

email support:


Logging into webmail.

This is readonly for access to old email

You can access it via To log in, use your username and password from CampusNet (not, but only the student number, sxxxxxx).

CN Webmail Login



01 2017
Please note that the IT support office has been moved to the DTU library. Latex support remains in 308.
12 2015
Want to take advantage of the new GitLab service, or perhaps move your existing repos project over? Check out
09 2014
When you log in to your studentmail, remember to use your student number (sXXXXXX) as username.
04 2015
ShareLaTex We now offer ShareLatex, an online mulituser system for making LaTex documents. Check out and