Student IT support moved to the DTU Library. Latex support remains in 125D/308

You can access your student mail from the gBar with different applications or via webmail. You can use Mozilla Thunderbird, which is accessible from the application menu.

Note: When using the student SMTP server your "From: address" must be your DTU Student one and not Gmail/Hotmail... otherwise the account will get locked.

Logging into webmail.

You can either find the webmail under the mail tab on CampusNet, or directly access it via To log in, use your username and password from CampusNet (note, not, but only the student number, sxxxxxx). The picture below shows the login form:

CN Webmail Login

Accessing your Student mail from your own computer

It's possible to access your student mail from using the web application. However, you can also set up your own laptop or home computer, using different applications such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Evolution, (Apple) Mail, etc.

Server Setting:


IMAP:, port 993
POP:, port 995

Outgoing (SMTP):

SMTP:, port 465, SSL/TLS,  
"Normal password authentication"
(Port 25 and STARTSSL will work when on the DTU network)

OS X Mail

Open the Mail Application

Select "Accounts..." from the Mail menu

Click the + to add a new account

Select "Add Other Account..."

OSX mail 1

then "Mail account"

OSX mail 2

Enter your name Student email address and password and click "Sign In"

OSX mail 3

as the default ports are not correct you will get the following warning.

OSX mail 4

Finally select Done

OSX mail 5

Change the IMAP Port number

Open "Preferences…" from the Mail menu, Select Accounts then the "Advanced" tab.

Change the Port to be 993 Use SSL

OSX mail 6

Change the SMTP Port number

Open "Preferences…" from the Mail menu,

Select Accounts then the "Account Information" Tab.

OSX mail 7

Select "Edit SMTP Server List…" from the Outgoing SMTP Server dropdown list.

Change the Port to be 465 Use SSL

OSX mail 8


Windows 10

Using the Windows 10 mail client.

Open the Mail application, if this is the first time you have used it then you will be promoted to "+ Add Account", click this.

Select "Advanced Setup" (it's the last option so you may need to scroll down)

Windows 10 1

Select Internet email (POP or IMAP)

Windows 10 2

Enter the required details -

Student email address, Name, password and server names...

Windows 10 3

Click Sign in, you should now have your Student email setup.


The first time you launch Thunderbird it will ask you to create/add an account, if you already have created/added an account in it, you can add a new one by going to Tools -> Account Settings... -> Account Actions -> Add Mail Account... and you'll get the same setup window.

  • Fill out your name as you want others to see it.
  • Add your student mail,
  • Add your DTU password.

OSX Thunderbird add account

Press continue, and Thunderbird will attempt to gather the information itself - if it fails you can add the information yourself as stated below.


IMAP:, port 993
POP:, port 995

Outgoing (SMTP):

SMTP:, port 465, SSL/TLS,  
"Normal password authentication"
(Port 25 and STARTSSL will work when on the DTU network)

Username is your student number.


You should now be connected to your student mail.


Setting up student mail on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Add a new mail account under:

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars ->
Add Account -> Other -> Add Mail Account

Then enter your information :

Name: Your name
Password: Your DTU password
Description: What you want to call the mailbox

Then choose imap and set the following settings:

Incoming Mail Server

Host Name:
User Name: sxxxxxx
Password: Your DTU password

Outgoing Mail Server:



(Screenshots from IOS 9)

If it asks if you want to try to connect without SSL, this indicates something went wrong in your setup. Choose yes (meaning you still want to connect with SSL). Check that your imap host name is correct. For some reason iOS can get confused about this, and store it incorrectly. It must be


Setting up student mail on Android.

Open the Android default email client and click "Add account" then select "ADD NEW ACCOUNT"

Enter your student email address and password and click "SIGN IN" then select IMAP. For both Incoming and Outgoing server change the "Security type" to be SSL.

Delivery receipt

Note that some mail servers do not send a receipt, so if you don't receive a receipt it does not mean that the mail message did not arrive. If your message is very important, ask the recipient to send a confirmation that he/she has received the mail message. However, most mail servers do send receipts. Furthermore, just because you get a receipt is does not mean the recipient has read the mail. It simply says that the mail has been delivered. Also have in mind that some people may have disabled sending back receipts. In Thunderbird, you can set this either individually for each email with Options -> Return Receipt, or you can opt to send a receipt for every outgoing email. Under the account settings, there is a "Return Receipts" entry.

Email forwarding

You can forward your student email, regardless if it is to Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook... You have to logon to the following page using your Student ID and password:

email forwarding

In the text box enter the email address(s) you would like to forward your student mail to. We recommend you keep a local copy of your emails. Then, click on "Submit".

How to remove forwarding?

Similar to the above. Remove your email from the text box and then click on"Submit".


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When you log in to your studentmail, remember to use your student number (sXXXXXX) as username.
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